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About Isakplassen


During your stay at Isakplassen you will be a part of a genuine local environment with farms, a community house, a local store and sporting arenas.

A cultural path is surrounding the area for about 2.5 km.

The area is perfect for outdoor life, both summer and winter. There is also great opportunities for hiking in the mountains, both locally and towards Snåsa.

Take the popular trip to the highest mountain in the area: Isbolen, 6 km from Isakplassen. On top you will get an amazing view over "Snåsavatnet", and the nearby mountain and areas.

If you decide to drive around Snåsavatnet, you can visit both the Bøla Reindeer Stone Age Carvings and the SamiiSenter at Snåsa.

Visit The Golden Route to get a roundtrip of Inderøy. On this route you can find genuin homemade food and different kinds of art sales. About 40 km away.

During the winter, Bjørgan Ski Resort is open. Busses drive from Steinkjer to Bjørgan saturdays and sundays, and it's about 40 km from Isakplassen.

Steinkjer city have a public swimming pool, cinema, malls, resturants and other facilities. About 18 km distance from Isakplassen.

Relatively stabile snow conditions with excellent skiing opportunities. Newly renovated skislope with lights for nightime skiing, about 5 km away.

In the autumn you can find cowberries, blueberries and different kinds of mushrooms in the nearby forrest.

Cultural path alongside Snåsavatnet

A 2,5 km long marked cultural path starts at Isakplassen. You will walk past the remains of "the Haug Brick Factory", which was operational between 1910 and 1929. The factory produced drainpipes, bricks and rooftiles. You can also find the old cotter holding, Kletta, along the path.

The path goes alongside Snåsavatnet and Klingsundet natur reserve. There is a good chance you will encounter elks, deers, foxes, rabbits and different kinds of birds. The ground has a very high level of calcium oxide, so the springflower "Hepatica nobilis" grow in large amounts in the area. You might even get lucky and find some rare orchids.


Isakplassen is only 150 meters from Snåsavatnet, which is well known for it's big Trout fishing. You may want to rent a boat with an engine and a boathouse as a long shoreline is always at your disposal. Great opportunities for Trout and Char fishing. Its possible to use a fishing rod, from both land and boat. But if you prefer using a fishing net, the landowner knows a lot of good fishing spots. Icefishing is also popular during the winter, either on Snåsavatnet or on the different pounds in the area.

Klingsundet naturreserve

Isakplassen is located at Klingsundet Nature Reserve. This is one of the most significant resting place for water birds that are registered in the Trøndelag county. During spring and autumn, a large number of birds are resting here. A total of 172 species of bird have been observed in the area. The University of Trondheim has a bioligic station at Klingsundet, and the area has great value as a research and teaching area.


The area is a fantastic Eldorado for orchids and other plants due to its very calcareous soils. If you are willing to go a little further up in the dike, about 7-8 km from Isakplassen, then it's possible to find many rare orchids. One of them is Marisko - Nord-Trøndelags county flower and one of our most beautiful orchids. Another one is the Flowering flower, one of the rarest orchids in Norway.